At Jennie Richie “so far out” tape out on Dead Accents

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get it for 5.99 at DA

Where do I even start with this one!? I’d like to point out that this cs has like zero tape-hiss. The opening track starts off with some phono noise and immidiately begins you on a surreal journey through some fck’doff samples and loops complete with strange lo-fi perrifreal chatter. Its oddy compiled and executed with certain skill but there seems to be some sort of paradox here. The whole tape sounds like some weird ass Nurse with Wound remix. There are moments of what sounds like laptop glitches, but those moments are thankfully fleeting. The first side even ends with a techno-esq jam that feels pretty out of place in this experimental collage, but yet, it works here. The 2nd side starts off with a TR-505ish snare @ 1/8th notes teamed w/distant degraded knob twirling, repeated for about 8 minutes. Its insane. I hate it, but I have to admit, I found a couple zen moments in there. It eventually gets better, i guess. But seriously, this album sounds too good to sound so bad. There’s got to be some sort of inside joke that I’m missing here. The last track on the tape features Seattle’s Jason/Red Squirrels, in addition to the AJR members Happiness and Forever, but little difference in sound asthetic can be discerned by my ear. Maybe some extra lo-fi-junk cheapo walkman speaker turned contact mic foolary. I don’t know wtf is attracting me to this tape. I hate it but, it feels like it was recorded custom taylored for me to listen to with my own brand of love/hate disposition. Bottome line: this tape looks and sounds great. It’s fun to scrutinize as well. You’ll prolly wanna play it more than once. There’s only 55 copies, and I think you should get one for yourself. Right here>>>> Dead Accents

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