Sleep Of Ages & a-m#2 – Split Tape on Strabismustapes

Released in July of 2011
S-T003 / Sleep Of Ages & a-m#2 – Split / Hand Numbered Limited Edition of 50



Word on the street is that, a-m#2 from France, is finally putting out some music after 10 years of honing his subtle craft. Hear some of his super sleeptrance inducing work on SOUNDCLOUD. I recently picked up this split tape from Strabismustapes (a fairly new tape label) that also features the unfamiliar to me, Brazilian artist, Sleep of Ages.

The first half of the a-m#2 side seems to be dubbed at a really low level; like -40/-20dB, but it gets louder around the 3rd song; licking -10dB or so. It’s the first tape that I’ve gotten in a long time that sounds like it has just as much tape-hiss as it does actual sound. Even flipped on the Dolby NR, which is rare, and defeating. There doesn’t seem to be any low-end bass freqs coming through either. It’s almost like a washed-out recording of 50/60Hz noise colored by a chain of phaser pedal/deathmetal thats been left to fester. I have to assume it’s just a weak dub from the batch cause the soundcloud tracks and the other reviews I’ve seen sound much more dynamic. I asked the Label, and they said it is supposed to be fairly quiet.

The Sleep of Ages side is a little bit louder, but leaves me wanting more… The sounds are ranging from breaking shit to ever changing harsh-wall-drones. It starts off pretty mellow and progresses into something much more involved. Never quite reaching a state of HWN, Sleep of Ages offers up 15 minutes worth of enjoyable noise tracks on his side of this c60 (not c50 as advertised) which means 15 minutes of (boring-ass) silence at the end. I’m guessing this guy is a well-seasoned amature; who’ll be getting some more of my positive attention in the future. Same goes for a-m#2 for that matter, stoked to hear what they sound like on a more hi-fidelity recording. As for this tape, the low volume coupled with the high hiss ensures that it probly won’t see much more play.

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