This is the beginning…

This is the new NvC page; actually, once I get this thing fully sorted, all of our previous albums and whatnot will be available at, as well as any other groups that I end up setting up pages for and cataloging.

This is a step forward, and I’ll give you more info as it rolls out.

Later – Jess

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  1. Sleep Dep Says:

    This is how the comment system works…

  2. Curier Flori Says:

    Night became day, over and again, but still his smile would lose time on his eyes to make way for the tired haze that the pains would leave in him. My hand clutched his so tightly and desperately sought to his every need. Doctors came and went, healers of all names, races and creeds. All came hesitantly and all left in disappointment. I would feel worried and frayed at all ends, like I had been gnawed on the entirety of such visits. No sooner did I return to his side, that he would pat my shoulder and smile.

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